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International Management Journal

The importance and demand for a quality International Management Journal is on the rise.An International Management Journal serves as a platform for research scholars to disseminate new information.

Although there are numerous International Management Journal, most International Management Journal do not adequately address the needs of the international academic community. These International Management Journal are not peer blind reviewed, are frequently very specific, and are often exclusive and not inviting for international scholars. Therefore, there is a need for a quality International Management Journal.

Luckily, the International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB),which has been established ten years,has been publishing a quality International Management Journal that addresses the needs of the international community. The International Journal of Management and Business,IJMB, is the ultimate International Management Journalthat publishes research of scholars from around the world where culture, ethnicity and business practices might be unique.

Many Journals publish manuscripts without an adequate peer review process and charge fees for the publications resulting in high acceptance rates and low research quality. An International Management Journal is the ultimate platform for sharing knowledge in management and business, free of charge.

International Management Journal is heavily advertised but one must look closely to find the right one.The International Management Journal of choice would be one that is inviting to the entire international community,and has moderately fast peer review process. These goals are achieved by IAMB through its International Management Journal, IJMB, which is free to access and is also a double blind peer reviewed journal. The IJMB has a quick review process, and has published seven volumes with two issues per volume.

IJMB is considered one of the best International Management Journal for its unique appeal to the international community.

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